* The Annual Fee of Rs.480,000 is distributed on 3 Equal Quarterly Instalments of Rs.160,000**

* Security Deposit is Payable with the Admission Fee and is refunded when the pupil leaves the school, having given proper notice and cleared all school dues

The due dates for the payment of fee are as under:

1st Instalment 1st June Rs. 295,000 Rs. 295,000
2nd Instalment 1st October Rs. 160,000 Rs. 160,000
3rd Instalment 1st February Rs. 160,000 Rs. 160,000

Payment Method:

- Online transfer or Cash deposit in the Bank Account having the details mentioned below.The challan must be emailed to info@hubschool.edu.pk or submitted at the Admin office at The Hub School

Account Title Account Number IBAN
Ahmed E.H. Jaffer Foundation 0116300006550001 116300006550001

- Deposit Pay Order or Demand Draft at the Hub School’s Admin Office. The draft must be in the name of Ahmed E.H.Jaffer Foundation drawn from a Bank located in Karachi.

Terms & Conditions:

  • In case of non-payment by the due date, a fine of Rs.100/- per day will be charged. After a grace period of 30 days is over, the student’s name will be struck off the school’s roll.
  • All external examination fees are charged to the parent’s account.
  • Damage to or loss of school property will incur charge.
  • Within one week of the admission, parents/guardians must purchase and provide to the student syllabus books, uniforms, and other supplies as mentioned in the list provided by the THS Admission Office.
  • All recreational activities that require THS hiring external services as well as inter-city trips shall be optional. They would require parent’s consent and will be charged by parents/guardians. In addition, an extra charge may be levied that are confined to those items which are genuinely personal expenditure if incurred optionally.
  • First Aid and basic health facilities will also be provided to all students within the school complex. Any hospitalization, diagnostic tests, prescription drugs and treatment in hospital settings or from specialists/consultants will be charged to parents.
  • If a boy is removed from the school on disciplinary grounds or on any other grounds by the Principal, full fee for that quarter will be charged. If parents, ask for the withdrawal of a boy during the year full fee for that year will be charged. If the parents are living abroad, they are to nominate a guardian in the country to act on their behalf.
  • If a boy requires diagnostic tests and specialised medical treatment, every effort will be made to obtain the prior consent of a parent or guardian. Should this be not possible in the time available, the Principal or Housemaster, acting in loco parentis (acting in the place or role of a parent/ guardian) is authorized to give valid consent to such treatment (including an aesthetic or operative) as may be recommended by the medical consultant.
  • Travel to / from the school will be the responsibility of parents. However, after joining, the school may facilitate travel arrangements for the student whose parents so desire and charge the cost to parents. In such case, the safety and security outside the premises of the school will not be the responsibility of the THS and AEHJF management or staff members.